Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Curry

This Halloween I made a luscious and creamy Kabocha pumpkin curry using my favorite Jamaican Curry Powder by Grace Foods. My recipe is so simple (yet so good, thanks mainly to finally finding a yellow curry mix I am bonkers about.) I don't really use recipes when I cook (only when I bake), so my amounts are a little bit guesstimated.

1: 4 pound pumkin, deseeded, and slice into large bite sized pieces
1 14 oz can of coconut milk
3 cups (or so) of broth (whatever you like)
2-4 TBS of Brown Sugar
1 Large onion, thinly slice
2-4 TBS of Jamaican Hot Yellow Curry Powder (Grace Foods), I found this at a Jamaican Grocery store

Roast(recommended method) or steam your pumpkin pieces till they are cooked through (if roasted toss in a little olive oil, put in an oven at 425 F till just tender). While doing this make the sauce. Fry your onion in a butter/ oil mixture till golden, add a pinch of sugar if you wish to speed up the process. Once cooked add as much curry powder as the onion will soak up. Fry for a minute or two to develop the flavor. Deglaze with part of the coconut milk and a little broth remembering to scrape up the flavor with a flipper dipper. Allow to simmer a few minutes. Add the rest of the broth and brown sugar and bring to a low boil. Leave on a low simmer while your pumpkin finishes cooking. Add pumpkin to curry sauce when done. Leave on a simmer till ready to serve. Right before serving stir in the rest of the coconut milk. Season with salt and adjust the seasonings as you see fit.

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